Leftists reign in D49 with support from board John Graham, Lori Thompson, Rick Van Wieren

https://youtu.be/N4NF4xKITbY What is our conservative county coming to? This is worse than when we had liberals in majority on school boards. Conservatives are banned or thrown out of meetings. Speeches of conservatives are often interrupted and admonished by BOE President John Graham who, along with his sheeples Lori Thompson and Rick Van Wieren on the … Read more

K-12 school discipline model is failing students and teachers

Some administrators and teachers are realizing we have deep issues. But few have the power to make decisions at the top. Obama ushered in “equity in discipline” that led to Restore Practice that cost districts millions overtime but have resulted in the breakdown of good discipline. Is this all part of an insidious long game … Read more

The vote record of D49 School board on controversial issues: 2022-2023

This is an updated version of D49 School Board’s vote record.  Please share widely:   D49 Board Vote Records ANALYSIS: Since Feb 2022, ALL but TWO of the votes on CONTROVERSIAL matters were lost in a slim 2-3 vote. LORI THOMPSON, who ran on the same platform as Ivy Liu and Jamilynn D’avola has consistently … Read more

Infringement of first amendment rights 22 Feb 2023

BAD BOARD BEHAVIOR: Self-proclaimed “Christian Constitutional conservatives” board members Lori Thompson and Rick Van Wieren endorse bad behavior via their silence. D49 board president John Graham allowed the teachers union to display big signs harassing board Director Ivy Liu on November 10, 2022 for over an hour before he told them to stop rattling the … Read more

Compilation of John Graham bullying March 2023

1.  https://youtu.be/nrKBEUT1zmw
2. https://youtu.be/nGIWpR7T9ro

John Graham interrupts to oppress viewpoints he doesn’t agree with. He blocks from the agenda presentation of research without discussion, shuts fellow board members down during discussions, limit time of debate, and calls the question prematurely. If you present an opposite viewpoint, unlike his two followers on the board, you receive his wrath and insults.

D49 Guardians Newsletter 06 February 2023

 D49 Guardians Newsletter 06 February 2023 This is our D49 newsletter that we hope will keep everyone informed of what’s going on in D49 and in education in general. Event though some of you are Charter school parents, we strongly advise you keep tabs on what’s going on in the district since public schools will … Read more