D49 School Board Elections

Here are the recommendations for D49’s various Director Districts: See http://d49guardians.com DD2 (pink map) Deb Schmidt: ✅ Staunch conservative who has been fighting against indoctrination and excessive spending, and demanding improvement for academic achievement.  Debbie is the only candidate in D49 we endorse. **** –Her opponent Candice ❌❌ is a woke activist whose ONLY platform is … Read more

Immigrant student excels from Sand Creek High with prestigious scholarship

CELEBRATE!! Israel Oketunmbi, a Daniels scholar from Sand Creek High School, didn’t speak much English when he emigrated from Nigeria to the United States at the age of 7. Elementary and middle school were a struggle, he recalled, as he struggled through behavioral and academic issues without being able to properly communicate. https://gazette.com/news/education/colorado-springs-high-school-students-surprised-with-one-of-states-most-coveted-scholarships/article_b5a525f6-c83f-11ed-a59a-9f6d1e188cf6.html

Video clips of D49 meetings on M4L Youtube Channel!

Find more video clips of D49 meetings for key discussions on Moms Liberty (M4L) Youtube Channel.  https://youtube.com/@momsforlibertyelpasocounty8327 Thank you Moms For Liberty (Darcy Shoening, Kristy Davis, Samantha Wild) for helping inform the communities on important matters in the school districts.