D49 Teachers fight for equitable pay scales led by Melissa Mayfield

D49 teachers, with the leadership of Sandcreek High School’s Math Department Chair, have been pushing for better pay scales within the district, even if they are not on par with other school districts.  Melissa has put in the effort to work out the numbers to present to the the district. Superintendent Peter Hilts expressed his … Read more


D49 is in CRISIS. RECALL LORI THOMPSON. There has been deliberate concealment of vital district information from the constituents. The claim of transparency is contradicted by intentional limitations. People in the District need to know what is really going on with their hundreds of millions of tax dollars. It is imperative that we prevent evil … Read more

Fight D49’s toxic climate of repercussions and retribution

Fight D49’s toxic climate of repercussions and retribution Feb 22, 2024 830A-930A, Div 7, Rm F402, 270 S. Tejon On Feb 22, the judge will decide if Ivy Liu’s defamation lawsuit against D49 will proceed.  This lawsuit is all about exposing the corrupt practices in D49 by Board members John Graham, Lori Thompson, and Rick Van … Read more

Benghazi hero, John Tig Tiegen, calls out D49’s low academic scores 13Apr23

Benghazi hero, former Marine, and a new resident of D49, John Tig Tiegen, says he won’t enroll his kids in D49 due to the low academic scores. He tells it like it is: The superintendant “sucks.” John Graham, the board president who is loosely a former Marine and spineless minion to the incompetent superintendent Peter … Read more

The Evolution of D49: “Sunlight Disinfects”

The Evolution of D49: “Sunlight Disinfects”  by Ivy Liu https://youtu.be/kTrCWcG1a1I re spent in D49. Throughout my 2.5-year tenure on the D49 School Board, I have been a personal witness to a series of most unethical and deplorable misconduct. When I joined the Board in April 2021, they advised me against rocking the boat or being … Read more

D49 School Board Elections

Here are the recommendations for D49’s various Director Districts: See http://d49guardians.com DD2 (pink map) Deb Schmidt: ✅ Staunch conservative who has been fighting against indoctrination and excessive spending, and demanding improvement for academic achievement.  Debbie is the only candidate in D49 we endorse. **** –Her opponent Candice ❌❌ is a woke activist whose ONLY platform is … Read more

How are they coming after our children? Is indoctrinations real?

I was very privileged to be interviewed by Hugo Chavez-Rey of Hispanicpatriot.com regarding the indoctrination going on in the education system, and the impending harm to our children and country. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Starts at time marker 10:19: Please share with all parents you know. https://rumble.com/v3yvz7q-indoctrination-through-social-emotional-learning-hugo-chavez-epi-3-13jul23.html:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) By: Sabrina A. Balister, former MSW, LSW

5 IMPORTANT POINTS TO KNOW ABOUT SEL By: Sabrina A. Balister, former MSW, LSW 1)  SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) is a vehicle for indoctrination into Leftist ideology, which is today’s cultural Marxism. SEL contains 5 Core competencies that are very subjective, and easily manipulated. They are: Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and making … Read more

D49: Stop the travesty against our children in Public Education!

Stop the travesty against our children in public education! We are dumbing down our children in order to raise social justice warriors, exactly in accordance with Communist John Dewey, “education reformer.” D49 reading and math scores in 2023 are literally 20-25% lower than 12 years ago. Translation: in 2023, 44.5% and 29.5% of D49 are … Read more