The Evolution of D49: “Sunlight Disinfecting” & Truth Arising

The Evolution of D49: “Sunlight Disinfecting” & Truth Arising by Ivy Liu Throughout my 2.5-year tenure on the D49 School Board, I have been a witness to the most unethical and deplorable misconduct. When I joined the board in April 2021, they advised me against rocking the boat or being disruptive. Previous boards failed to … Read more

Synoposis of D49 Gerrymandering and Election Interference

Director Ivy Liu demanded accountability of D49 Superintendent Peter Hilts for the district’s 10 year substandard academic scores and abysmal state/regional rankings. Liu questioned the social justice and equity ideology injected by certain costly Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs exposed by respectable researchers across the country. Unlike the other three D49 board members, Liu refused … Read more

How are they coming after our children? Is indoctrinations real?

I was very privileged to be interviewed by Hugo Chavez-Rey of regarding the indoctrination going on in the education system, and the impending harm to our children and country. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Starts at time marker 10:19: Please share with all parents you know.

A constituent’s voice about the destruction of D49

D49 continues to attack the advocates of quality education who dare to speak out. D49 Superintendent Peter Hilts is now turning his attacks on constituents more than ever. Are they going to be labeled “Domestic Terrorists” soon? Hilts has done the unprecedented for any professional let alone a superintendent who makes over a quarter of … Read more

D49: Stop the travesty against our children in Public Education!

Stop the travesty against our children in public education! We are dumbing down our children in order to raise social justice warriors, exactly in accordance with Communist John Dewey, “education reformer.” D49 reading and math scores in 2023 are literally 20-25% lower than 12 years ago. Translation: in 2023, 44.5% and 29.5% of D49 are … Read more

Websites for increasing transparency in D49 and exposing the uglies

Some brave constituents are exposing the darkness and manipulations in D49. Other are working on informing the community.  Taxpayers deserve to know. Share these: **Three members of the board self-proclaim to be “Christian Constitutional Conservatives” while they consistently vote AGAINST the values of the community and ignore the input of the taxpayers. Look … Read more

RETRIBUTION for exercising school board governance and fiduciary accountability

RETRIBUTION for EXERCISING GOVERNANCE AND FIDUCIARY ACCOUNTABILITY as a School Board Member. So it seems I have several stalkers on my FB who are monitoring my every word so they can find fault, violate my freedom of speech and make false allegations against me. Look at the orchestrated propaganda campaign (a leftist strategy) from November … Read more

Parents don’t know harmful effects of Social Emotional Learning (SEL)!

“The community members who are concerned about harmful content in SEL are in an extreme minority.” Lawyer Brad Miller outright lied and accused Director Liu of “never, ever” presenting him with evidence of harm in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs. Abundant research were presented to the entire board and Peter Hilts by constituents and Director … Read more

D49 Superintendent search duplicitous or just sketchy?

Compare the four recent superintendent searches right here in El Paso County D11:  March 2 2022: Superintendent Michael Thomas resigned.  May 7-24 2022 The D11 board announced three finalist followed by community interviews.  Jun 3 2022: D11 school board announced new Superintendent Gaal. The process evolved over THREE months.   Manitou:  Jan 20, 2023 Superintendent … Read more

Peter Hilts gets 11th year as Superintendent with 73% kids failing to meet Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness??

NEW SUPERINTENDENT:  The most unconscionable action taken by the board of D49 to date just occurred on Apr 20 2023.  Gross injustice has been inflicted on the children of D49. After 10 years of lackluster performance and failing academics where kids were graduating without the basic skills to achieve success in life, Peter Hilts gets … Read more