D49 better get better

We have a new D49 board.
The last two years in D49 have been a hellish circus marked by unprofessionalism and egregious behaviors by bullies on the board, infractions of policies and statutes, and ceaseless draconian oppression by a MOB.

The Mob consisted of board members Lori Thompson, John Graham, Rick Van Wieren; Superintendent Peter Hilts, and lawyer Brad Miller.

The Mob has essentially ignored or disparaged numerous appeals to rectify the unethical practices. We are resolved to uncovering infractions and compelled to initiate legal proceedings.

Let’s welcome the new writers to our motley crew at D49guardians.com. We’re open to new regular or occasional contributors at all times.

You will be BCC’ed on all future emails to “[email protected].” Please share widely and add recipients as we are continually building our database for communications. Please read the attached email that we sent to the new board (*edited)

——- Forwarded Message ——-
From: D49Guardians <[email protected]>
Date: On Monday, December 18th, 2023 at 2:39 PM
Subject: Take notice
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Message to all D49 board members, Dec 18 2023.  BCC all community members.

Director Thompson:

  • You failed with the “NO” vote to move forward the resolution to display the National motto until it was compromised to “Encourage.”
  • Your vote for the compromised Resolution therefore was lackluster and duly noted and logged.
  • You don’t have a six month waiting period.
  • PLEASE learn to run a meeting professionally and efficiently by watching County commissioners meetings on Youtube. No more circuses like the previous board please.


Director D’Avola:

  • Good resolution and intentions. The compromise to “encourage”  puts our teachers and principals in a hard place because their actions are not duly backed by the Board.
  • Let voting records indicate the principles and character of each Board member.
  • Stop asking for permission to speak. We elected you. You have been given authority of representation. Use your voice.


Director Schmidt:

  • Good first day on the unpaid job!!  Speak confidently. Good job on solid response to Mr. Hilts.
  • Illegitimi NonCarborundum

Director Lavere-Wright:

  • Was your proclamation as a Christian at the candidates’ forum a falsehood*?  Let’s not continue the follies of the past board: We look for you to stand in the gap for the children. *Double-speaking does not accomplish that.
  • Your speech and board vote against the display of the National Motto reveal your unAmerican, anti-God, Marxist values that align with those of Hilts.  Your vote record is duly noted and logged. Please change course.
  • Using your “fosters” after adoption is an insult to these children when you appear to be  jockeying for sympathy at their expense. Please teach them instead to rise above their circumstances due to the bountiful opportunities in this country, rather than play the victim card. The latter is a form of mental abuse.
  • *The past boards seemed to be afraid to hold Superintendent Hilts accountable for students academic outcome over the past ten years. Our district’s continued decline should be paramount in setting this board’s goals, including new administration.
  • Please do not gaslight the definition of “success” as you did at the forums.  You are doing all kids a disservice.  EDUCATE the kids.


Director Heil: 

  • Your words and board vote against the display of the National Motto reveal an unAmerican, anti-God and pro-Marxist values.  Your vote record is duly noted and logged.
  • *Keep your values away from the children.
  • *Please consider RESIGNING.