D49 better get better

We have a new D49 board. The last two years in D49 have been a hellish circus marked by unprofessionalism and egregious behaviors by bullies on the board, infractions of policies and statutes, and ceaseless draconian oppression by a MOB. The Mob consisted of board members Lori Thompson, John Graham, Rick Van Wieren; Superintendent Peter … Read more

Mark Cravens talks about the non-negotiable and non-gaslight-able truth that kids are failing. 15Dec22

Mark Cravens talks about the non-negotiable and non-gaslight-able truth that kids are failing. 15Dec22   Letter in Gazette    February 8th 2023: SCHOOLS ARE FAILING STUDENTS Regarding the front page SEL training article in Monday’s paper – that is social emotional training, SEL. I once again wish to ask this question. What is the purpose … Read more

D49 School Board Elections

Here are the recommendations for D49’s various Director Districts: See http://d49guardians.com DD2 (pink map) Deb Schmidt: ✅ Staunch conservative who has been fighting against indoctrination and excessive spending, and demanding improvement for academic achievement.  Debbie is the only candidate in D49 we endorse. **** –Her opponent Candice ❌❌ is a woke activist whose ONLY platform is … Read more

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) By: Sabrina A. Balister, former MSW, LSW

5 IMPORTANT POINTS TO KNOW ABOUT SEL By: Sabrina A. Balister, former MSW, LSW 1)  SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) is a vehicle for indoctrination into Leftist ideology, which is today’s cultural Marxism. SEL contains 5 Core competencies that are very subjective, and easily manipulated. They are: Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and making … Read more

A constituent’s voice about the destruction of D49

D49 continues to attack the advocates of quality education who dare to speak out. D49 Superintendent Peter Hilts is now turning his attacks on constituents more than ever. Are they going to be labeled “Domestic Terrorists” soon? Hilts has done the unprecedented for any professional let alone a superintendent who makes over a quarter of … Read more

D49: Stop the travesty against our children in Public Education!

Stop the travesty against our children in public education! We are dumbing down our children in order to raise social justice warriors, exactly in accordance with Communist John Dewey, “education reformer.” D49 reading and math scores in 2023 are literally 20-25% lower than 12 years ago. Translation: in 2023, 44.5% and 29.5% of D49 are … Read more

Attacks on conservatives by leftists (Purple Shirts) enabled by administration and RINOS on the board

Good morning board members, This came to my attention while looking at a local website that I visit, Next Door. I did confirm that this is indeed a copy of an official D49 posting on the official D49 social media site. From what I understand, there is an accompanying video from your superintendent. This is … Read more

Websites for increasing transparency in D49 and exposing the uglies

Some brave constituents are exposing the darkness and manipulations in D49. Other are working on informing the community.  Taxpayers deserve to know. Share these: http://d49guardians.com https://d49exposed.com/ **Three members of the board self-proclaim to be “Christian Constitutional Conservatives” while they consistently vote AGAINST the values of the community and ignore the input of the taxpayers. Look … Read more