Attacks on conservatives by leftists (Purple Shirts) enabled by administration and RINOS on the board

Good morning board members,
This came to my attention while looking at a local website that I visit, Next Door. I did confirm that this is indeed a copy of an official D49 posting on the official D49 social media site. From what I understand, there is an accompanying video from your superintendent. This is not in any way appropriate. It appears to me to be an effort to gaslight. The comments by myself and other people who posted on Next Door from the conservative side were not rude, personal attacks. I do not believe if taxpayers were aware of this practice of abusing a D49 social media account with this garbage that they would be very happy.
One of the posts on the Next Door site says that the people handing out the flyers were on school grounds, in the parking lot and up to the building. If this is true then I believe that the situation should have been handled much differently, without the use of social media, official or unofficial. I do not know the laws regarding this type of activity but you can be sure I will be finding out.

I have seen a disturbing trend of outright attacks on social media of anyone not fully embracing everything D49 offers. It is always the same people doing the attacks. This has occurred 3 times to me personally and now this. I’m sure you remember back in December, I sent examples and asked for the board to “call the dogs off” regarding postings on D49’s social media account.

More recently I contacted your Communications Director with more outright attacks against me on the D49 social media website. Here is just one from a Ms.”Holly Withers”:
“…your demeanor and commentary on this page often leads me to believe you must be a cesspool of a human being. And it’s no wonder why everyone is repulsed by the things you say. You are a sad, repugnant and bitter woman. And I’m almost positive that D49 doesn’t give a s**t about what you have to say about anything at this point. Because you bring ZERO value to anything.”
That’s nice don’t you think? The sad thing about this comment is that there were also two comments from the Board President as well as a “like” from the board vice-president on this thread.This type of assault does not define who I am and it will only cause me to dig my heels in deeper. I’m not going anywhere because of juvenile people.
And here we are again, looking at a couple of teachers, a couple of members of the CLAC committee, and members of a far left local group attempting to suppress people’s free speech by trying to demoralize them with really vicious attacks – this last one brought on by your own superintendent on an official district social media account! I’m all for free speech, but how do you think this district looks with this type of assault happening on it’s own social media page?
I’m going to be much more polite this time. Please look into this and see what you can do to stop this.
Thank you for your time,