DD2 (pink map) Deb Schmidt: ✅ Staunch conservative who has been fighting against indoctrination and excessive spending, and demanding improvement for academic achievement.  Debbie is the only candidate in D49 we endorse.
–Her opponent Candice ❌is a woke activist whose ONLY platform is to attack Deb Schmidt’s alliance with Ivy Liu, who was falsely maligned by the press recently and in fact NOT being charged by the DA for the false accusations.  Liu is guilty of fighting fiercely to hold the Superintendent accountable for academic performance, district finances, transparency and woke ideologies.
DD3 (Green map)
–Candidate #1 Ralene Revord ❓❓❓ Ralene is endorsed by Carrie Geitner, who is known to fund candidates with “Super Pac” money to run against true conservative candidates.  We don’t know for a fact that Ralene is funded by dark money.  But we need to ask, do we need another board member like Lori Thompson, who betrayed the community by renewing twice Superintendent Hilts despite a ten year record of failing kids, voted YES on vaccine vans on school grounds, and approved CRT-ladened Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?   Maybe Ralene is the lesser of two evils compared to Marie.
–Candidate #2 Marie Lavere-Wright ❌❌ is a proponent of CRT, social justice, and costly CRT-laden Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs. She was a former board member of 8 years who was a rubber-stamper and did not hold superintendent Peter Hilts accountable for the failing academics of D49 kids nor finances. She makes excuses now for the district performance.  
DD5 (Yellow map):With gerrymandering, followed by unethical interference by D49 lawyer Brad Miller who colluded with the leftist groups, and perjury by Designated Election Official (DEO) Lanette DePaul, incumbent Ivy Liu was kept off the ballot.  County Clerk Steve Schleiker verified the disputed signatures on behalf of Liu. Sadly a retiring judge ruled against Liu and therefore the integrity of the SCORE database, Colorado’s voter database.
The illicit actions of Brad Miller and certain members of the board members resulted in only ONE candidate in DD5.
First Hilts, Miller, Graham, Van Wieren, and Thompson egregiously gerrymandered to prevent Liu from running this November.  Next they impeded Liu’s petition process by invalidating signatures that were verified by the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder himself.  Whether by incompetence or complicity in committing this fraud,  DEO Lanette committed perjury by claiming she cannot  “find” three simple names of long time registered voters in El Paso County that were verified by EPCCR Steve Schleiker.
Mike Heil ❌❌ is an extreme leftist who regularly attacked the two real conservative board members and conservative values of the community. DO NOT VOTE FOR MIKE HEIL. The fewer votes he gets, the easier it would be to recall him.


In desperation, the leftists in the district have created a website to spread hateful, deceptive news about the conservatives. The genuine community website: http://d49guardians.com,

D49 needs your participation and involvement to get it back on track. It is on a slippery slope but it’s not too late to save it.
Know what is going on with education of your kids in D49!!   Check out the website:  d49guardians.com