A constituent’s voice about the destruction of D49

D49 continues to attack the advocates of quality education who dare to speak out. D49 Superintendent Peter Hilts is now turning his attacks on constituents more than ever. Are they going to be labeled “Domestic Terrorists” soon?

Hilts has done the unprecedented for any professional let alone a superintendent who makes over a quarter of a million for ten years of failing academics in 45-70% of the kids!!  He went on Nextdoor.com to attack constituents who are working to get more parents informed by passing out postcards that informs about the d49guardians.com website.

Peter Hilts has gone on the D49 FB page to spin doctor and twist logic, and to attack the integrity of Director Liu’s report of CDE scores that 73% of D49 kids are not meeting “Post-Secondary and Work Force Readiness.”  The latter is measured by Graduation Rates, Dropout Rates, Matriculation Rates, Colorado SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing – Mean Scale Scores, and Colorado SAT Math – Mean Scale Scores.

Peter Hilts, who is an employee of the district and works for the board, has publicly coined the term “Liudicrous” to belittle Director Liu who has solely and persistently stood up for the children. Hilts gets away with endless disrespectful and inappropriate behavior due to the three who cover up the uglies in D49. Shame on you Graham, Van Wieren, and Thompson.  You deserve “a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.” Mathew 18.6.

Did I say a quarter of a million salary to continue the failing trend in Hilts’ 11th year?

But there is more.

Meeting attendees are confined to a very strict set of rules that resembles those of a Gestapo while certain board members act like uncivilized thugs. Watch the video recordings of the meetings unless the “glitches” erased them. Better yet, go to d49guradians.com to see video clips of bullying, power-mongering, and unethical behavior.

Several districts make the news for accomplishing great improvements in education. D49 makes the news for being sued with federal lawsuit for violation of First Amendment rights of conservatives, and orchestrating a massive publicity attack against the one board member who won’t back down from fighting against insidious indoctrination.

What do John Graham, Lori Thompson, and Rick Van Wieren on the board stand to gain from hiring a Superintendent who has been running D49 into the ground for 10 years, along with lawyer Brad Miller who has been shadow boarding for over a decade, and a bully of board president for 8 years? Why are they trying to get rid of Director Liu through gerrymandering and publicity stunts for reporting the following from the CDE?


Why does this gang of five work so hard to silence the conservative D49 constituents and Director Liu who remains standing despite their ceaseless attacks all these months? What are their motivation and rewards?

Why do liberal/Marxists “Purple Shirts” have direct access to the board and administration while conservatives are disparaged, ignored, and banned?

Why does Peter Hilts spend his time, salaried at over a quarter of a million a year, attacking the very people who pays his ridiculous, undeserved salary?

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  1. I have asked Mr. Hilt’s on his D-49 answers page what his position is on CEA’s resolution on Capitalism. The Colorado Education Association, which represents more than 39,000 educators and staff, has adopted a statement saying it believes “capitalism inherently exploits children, public schools, land, labor and resources,”.
    His reply…. Crickets.

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