Compilation of John Graham bullying March 2023


John Graham interrupts to oppress viewpoints he doesn’t agree with. He blocks from the agenda presentation of research without discussion, shuts fellow board members down during discussions, limit time of debate, and calls the question prematurely. If you present an opposite viewpoint, unlike his two followers on the board, you receive his wrath and insults.

2 thoughts on “Compilation of John Graham bullying March 2023”

  1. Yes! I’ve attended several board meetings since 2020, and any time I speak, John either contradicts me, or censures people for agreeing with me.
    That violates freedom of speech. He doesn’t have the right to order people not to clap and express their agreement.
    And when he slandered and demand Ivy Lui by taking her comments out of context, that is not covered under the first amendment, and is actually illegal.
    He needs to be held accountable for the many instances that he has violated the law!

    • Thank you, Valerie. Appropriate actions are being considered. The legal system works rather slowly, especially due to the abundance of such violation cases throughout the county, state, and nation. We appreciate you taking the time to write us!

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