D49 Guardians Newsletter 06 February 2023

 D49 Guardians Newsletter 06 February 2023
This is our D49 newsletter that we hope will keep everyone informed of what’s going on in D49 and in education in general. Event though some of you are Charter school parents, we strongly advise you keep tabs on what’s going on in the district since public schools will turn out 80-85% of our future generation, many of whom will work alongside your wonderful Charter school graduates. Let’s ensure we turn out great quality kids from every venue!
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Please it’s very important you spend a few minutes to read the latest news update:
Finally, Please:
Take FIVE min to learn why our children are experiencing the highest level of mental illness & behavioral problems in the public school system. This is a very informative vid, condensed. https://youtu.be/vLZsqQU2aFs
We are working hard to protect our kids’ education as well mind and soul. Please join us.