D49 Guardians Newsletter – January 2023

 D49 Guardians Newsletter – January 2023
D49 needs your physical presence at the January 12 meeting, 6:30 PM, 3850 Pony Tracks Dr.
-5:30 PM or earlier: get in line to sign up for public forum speech.
-545 p.m. Meet at the flagpole
The school board with a slim win of 3-2, has been rubber stamping and pushing the district in a direction that the voters clearly voted against in Nov 2021 election.
1. With a a slim 3–2 vote, the board APPROVED toxic SEL curriculum that boldly advertises Critical Race Theory (CRT) content.
2. In the meantime, academic performance has fallen by the wayside as a passing discussion. CEO Peter Hilts  stated publicly that it is not very concerning that 72% of our kids cannot do math at grade level and 55% cannot read at grade level!!
3. Revised board policies to silence the conservative stakeholders (BEDH) and  board members (BCA-E-1 )
4. Violated Constitutional rights of stakeholders by banning individuals.
The district is failing our kids and the school board is failing the conservative community. Show that you will hold these elected officials accountable. WE NEED you. Come in your patriotic colors and bring small flags. Bring friends. 2023 is our year to let the world know that El Paso county is not going to be taken over by leftists and Marxists!!This precedence affects not just D49 but all of our children. COME ALL!