D49 Guardians Newsletter – 22 February 2023

D49 Guardians Newsletter – 22 February 2023
Please save a few minutes to pay attention to what is going on in D49. Even if your kids are grown or attending better choices of schools.  The public school system is here to stay and they are directly affecting about 80-85% of our future generations.
Critical Race Theory and gender ideologies have been documented to morph into Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  John Graham, Rick Van Wieren, and Lori Thompson voted in a long list of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and dubbed them “Trusted Materials” at the urging of CEO/Superintendent Peter Hits. This was done without community input and review. The abundant amount of evidence against the harm of SEL presented by Liu/Davola and constituents have been ignored.
The Board continue to vote 3-2 on controversial issues against Liu/Davola.  This means the values of the majority of D49 community are being disregarded.  WE CAN’T LET THIS HAPPEN!!  Please write in to [email protected] and express your stance!!
When the serious allegations made against Ivy Liu in November 2022 fizzled to nothing due to sheer lack of evidence, they moved onto a new plan to get rid of her.  Graham, Van Wieren, and Thompson alongside Peter Hilts and lawyer Brad Miller have schemed up a redistricting plan of the Director Districts such that Ivy cannot run in November. Our district is at risk for going down the slippery slope fast.
This is gerrymandering.  We need to show a strong pushback against such unethical practices.
Please coming to D49 board meeting to speak or just show support with your presence. Sign ups to speak starts at 6P.
2/22 Wednesday 6:30 PM. 3850 Pony Tracks Dr. 80922, OR:
share your thought by emailing [email protected]
We need YOUR voice.  I hope you can come and bring as many as you can. We need large numbers. The Gestapo practices behind closed doors are getting out of hand.
Very concerned citizens of D49
FYI, attached is the vote record by our current board: