Why are our kids anxious and acting out? by Deb Schmidt

13 March 2023 by Deb Schmidt

Why are our kids anxious and acting out? Why are they depressed and think about suicide?

Schools everywhere tell us that they need psychologists, social workers, and behavior therapists to stop this mental health crisis. I disagree. (Editor: Need we mention hundreds of millions tax dollars worth of SEL?).

Kids are being taught at a young age that:
– Their country was founded on lies and slavery and remains racist to the core.
– That the cis-gendered kid sitting next to you hates you. (Editor: But kids are taught to embrace and tolerate all values that may not match their family’s, because we have retooled definitions of  empathy, kindness and inclusion.)
–  the police are targeting and hunting down people of color in the streets every day, and that the answer to discrimination is antiracist discrimination.
– Children are being told that by just being alive, they are destroying the earth with climate change which will kill us all in 12 years.
– That Covid was so deadly it was going to wipe out humanity, and the next pandemic is just around the corner.
-And finally, that men, their dads are toxic.
And somehow we wonder why kids are depressed and suicidal?
How about instead we teach them:
·       That every single person on this earth has inherent value
·       That strong, smart men built this country, fought for it, and died for it.
·       That we are the only country ever to fight a war to abolish slavery.
·       That despite its failures the United States is the greatest country in the history of mankind and because of that, their futures are unlimited.
Tonight, you are tasked with voting on IG-R-1. This policy is not ready to vote on until we find a curriculum to compare what we have to one that addresses the humanity of every child in a positive way.
It’s time to teach our kids to look up not down.