K-12 school discipline model is failing students and teachers

Some administrators and teachers are realizing we have deep issues. But few have the power to make decisions at the top. Obama ushered in “equity in discipline” that led to Restore Practice that cost districts millions overtime but have resulted in the breakdown of good discipline.
Is this all part of an insidious long game to intentionally destroy our children by destroying the education process?
No discipline in the classroom -> minimizes learning -> stuff Social Emotional Learning (SEL) down the children’s throat in the name of teaching discipline when SEL and gender ideologies actually hurt the mental development of children -> more discipline issues -> quality teachers quit -> the education system goes downhill exactly in accordance with the game plan of John Dewey and Marxist/Socialists , to achieve the end goal of destroying our country.

2 thoughts on “K-12 school discipline model is failing students and teachers”

  1. Restorative Practices came in big with the Obama Administration’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. On Valentines Day 2018, Nikolas Cruz, who came through Broward County Schools under Restorative Practices for many years, massacred 17 people. Restorative Practices is ineffective and worse could be causing problems because there is no consequences. Take the time to read the book “Why Meadow Died” by Andrew Pollack, Meadow’s father. Just in the introduction you can easily see that the school’s policies exacerbated a child who already had mental health issues. So sad.

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