Leftists reign in D49 with support from board John Graham, Lori Thompson, Rick Van Wieren


What is our conservative county coming to? This is worse than when we had liberals in majority on school boards. Conservatives are banned or thrown out of meetings. Speeches of conservatives are often interrupted and admonished by BOE President John Graham who, along with his sheeples Lori Thompson and Rick Van Wieren on the board, are chummy with the radicals. DID THE PEOPLE ELECT THIS???

Sexton delivers a disgusting public forum speech who “prayed” to “bless Moms For Liberty with a GPS so they can find their way back to hell where they came from…”
Barely in control of his seething emotions and hatred for Christians and America, Alvin LIES through his teeth about Moms For Liberty. Even the leftists in the room didn’t cheer him on. His venomous prayer appropriately describes his own chosen path.
Let’s pray for his new baby who will be raised with such demonic and self-loathing spirit. Alvin forgets that Moslems slaughter homosexuals. This unhinged Sexton person is running for D3 school board in Nov 2023! God help us.
BOE president Graham, in the absence of morals and a backbone, Graham didn’t utter a word in response to his speech.
This was simply evil. If a similarly vitriol comment had come from a conservative, John Graham would be all over it with snarky comments or shut it down in his draconian way. Graham has attacked Conservatives for less and called out speakers inappropriately as he sternly threatens consequences to the attendees while shooting off his mouth like a damn fool.
Conservatives are the bane of existence for Graham, Lori Thompson, and Rick Van Wieren, Peter Hilts, and the sickening “conservative” lawyer Brad Miller.  These five offer a sanctuary in D49 for the Purple Shirts (Marxists, leftists) while conservatives are banned or thrown out of meetings. HYPOCRISY!!.
Thank God more and more people are becoming aware and “getting sick of it!!”
UPDATE: The security guard threw out another conservative woman after she swore in shock to Sexton’s evil “prayer”.