Demanding D49 Legal and financial accountability

19 March 2023

From: Ivy Liu <[email protected]>

To: Peter Hilts (11:26 AM)

To: Brad Miller, John Graham (11:59 AM)

BCC: [email protected]

Subject: Legal and financial accountability

It has been brought to my attention that CORA requests are being denied to constituents in violation of CORA statutes.


I do not think we as a district want to conduct ourselves in a manner that’d bring lawsuits and cause possible financial loss to the district. The unconstitutional nature of recent bans on constituents is fodder for a bad reputation and lawsuits. The unprecedented and illegitimate ban of a board member from access to district information, personnel and facilities is shocking and unenforceable.


While your attempt to attribute the opinions of constituents to my “inflammatory” influence is quite flattering to myself, it is a direct insult to and disparagement of the intelligence of constituents who have been watching the developments with crushed hopes since the betrayal of the November 2021 election.


The manufactured outrage of a Facebook post and November 10 2022 Resolution, along with the continued draconian bullying by Graham on the dais while restricting Constitutional freedoms of meeting attendees have been the source of appalled community discussions and loss of trust, no matter how you try to misrepresent the truth.


The controversial actions pushed through by majority of this board along with the lawyer and the CEO cannot legitimately continue. Something will need to change.


On behalf of the community of D49 and IAW C.R.S. 22-32-103, please provide me the following:


  1. Mr. Miller’s detailed invoice from January 2022 through todate.

The community has a right to ask, “How much money is the district spending on preparing fabricated statements, and doxxing and stalking of social media accounts and tracking of private information?”


  1. Detailed invoices of Mr. Fletcher’s extensive and unusual travel costs charged to the district x 2 years.


  1. Detailed invoicing of Pikes Peak BOCES and ERBOCES (Second request since 15 March 2023) that amounts to millions.


  1. The column in the Disbursement Register that contains user info has disappeared since March 2022. Thus the public has no access to how 9-20% of the monthly expenditures is being spent.  These millions of dollars annually are spent via P-cards that I assume are analogous to ATM cards. Who has the oversight over these monies? (Second request since 15 March 2023)