Infringement of first amendment rights 22 Feb 2023

BAD BOARD BEHAVIOR: Self-proclaimed “Christian Constitutional conservatives” board members Lori Thompson and Rick Van Wieren endorse bad behavior via their silence.

D49 board president John Graham allowed the teachers union to display big signs harassing board Director Ivy Liu on November 10, 2022 for over an hour before he told them to stop rattling the signs.

John Graham and D49 Superintendent Peter Hilts proceeded to ban three CONSERVATIVE supporters who were quietly standing in the background behind the row of well-orchestrated protestors.
Some of these leftist protestors have never attended a D49 meeting prior to this date, nor since. Yet Brad Miller, Graham et al, accuse the conservatives of inviting in “outside interest groups.”
Accusing others of committing the very things one is committing is a standard tactic of Marxist/Communist guerilla warfare expert Saul Alinsky, and is a frequent tactic of this board and administration.
At the Feb 22, 2023 meeting on a stormy winter evening, two women showed up with two 8×11 signs calling for the resignation of Graham, Van Wieren and Thompson. Graham couldn’t handle the “assault” held discreetly on the women’s laps, and had them thrown outside with ambient temperature of 2 degrees Farenheit.
It appears former marine John Graham cannot handle a small scale protest when only three months earlier, he launched an enormous public assault when he bulldozed Director Ivy Liu.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Nazi Gestapo or Communist China?  Even past liberal boards never acted this badly towards conservatives.
These sign holders against Ivy Liu did not reap a single word of admonishment from board president nor any other consequences:
Three conservatives standing quietly in the back actually received ban letters from John Graham and Peter Hilts.  This is a lawsuit-worthy infringement of our first amendment rights:
Two women quietly holding signs against Graham, Van Wieren, and Thompson were thrown out by security:
Peter Hilts, lawyer Brad Miller, John Graham, Rick Van Wieren, and Lori Thompson are calling such evidence “lies.”
It has been reported that Graham met with community members and Thompson met with local pastors to spin dishonest versions of events such as these.
How did D49 become such a swamp of duplicitous actors who use power mongering and draconian practices on those who oppose them?