D49 lawyer Brad Miller & John Graham abuses Roberts Rule and bullies fellow board members 22Feb2023


On February 22, 2023, lawyer Brad Miller and BOE president John Graham demonstrated a profound lack of respect for Roberts Rule and fellow Board members. BOE President John Graham allowed lawyer Brad Miller to present an “Investigation Report” that was not on the agenda.

On Nov 10 2022, Rick Van Wieren, Lori Thompson and John Graham approved with a 3-2 vote to initiate a witch hunt against Board member Ivy Liu with eleven allegations and “criminal and civil investigations.”

At 0:45, Miller falsely claimed there is “massive amount of documentation” as he stutters and wrings his hands. Despite evidence to the contrary, Miller and Graham persisted in spreading false accusations against Liu.

Brad Miller and John Graham blatantly ignored Board member even after she asserted “Point of Order” and “Not on agenda” five times. The mob rule of John Graham, Lori Thompson, and Rick Van Wieren have made a mockery of the D49 board.