D49 Guardians Newsletter 06 March 2023

 D49 Guardians Newsletter 06 March 2023

Bullying and disrespectful disparaging are shamefully becoming a norm in D49- AT THE SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS and behind the scenes!!!  Watch video below

D49 lawyer Brad Miller and BOE President John Graham disregards Roberts Rule and bullies fellow board members:

On Nov 10 2022 Rick Van Wieren, Lori Thompson and John Graham 3-2 vote to approve a witch hunt against Board member Ivy Liu with nine allegations and threats of “criminal and civil investigations.” NO EVIDENCE was produced at the cost of $19K billed to the district in December alone. Yet they continue to push these allegations to the public as documented “truth.”


***FB Comment by D.S:

“The Public is being deceived as to who Ivy Liu is. They attack her, close down discussion and talk smack about and to her constantly. Every time she brings up something where she is asking honest questions that the Public is interested in, she is shut down. Every time she speaks the truth, she is shut down. John Graham is not following Policy BEDD which states that the Board should use Roberts Rules of Order to conduct their meetings. Why is he not following it? Does he even understand it? He needs to resign. Either his power has gone to his head or he has been bought.”

***FB Comment by CG:

“This is unacceptable… Parents need to attend their school board meetings and witness first hand some of the tactics used on School Board Members that do not “toe the line”… Bullys do exist on these School Boards and they make up their own rules to serve their own purposes… It is a mockery of the system and of parents and kids as well as Tax payers and voters.”

FB Comment by D.S.:

“The Board President is not following D49’s Policy BEDD. Why isn’t he following it? Is he above following policy? Does he not understand Roberts Rules of Order? Why did he ignore another Board member’s Point of Order when she clearly said, Point of Order” many times. Do we have a board president or a bully?”


We are in the process of hiring a new Superintendent. Please come express your viewpoint about what we need in D49.  We have critical concerns about the mental health policies and practices.  Now more than ever the community needs to speak up because 3 members of the board have been voting against the conservative values of the community 94% of the time:


March 9, Thurs 630P.

3850 Pony Tracks Dr. 80922

Public forum sign ups at 545P


Very concerned citizens of D49

D49 Guardians


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