Parents don’t know harmful effects of Social Emotional Learning (SEL)!

“The community members who are concerned about harmful content in SEL are in an extreme minority.” John Graham   But El Paso County Vice-Chair, Todd Watkins, has a much different idea that is based on intelligent research. Lawyer Brad Miller outright lied and accused Director Liu of “never, ever” presenting him with evidence of harm … Read more

D49 Superintendent search duplicitous or just sketchy?

Compare the four recent superintendent searches right here in El Paso County D11:  March 2 2022: Superintendent Michael Thomas resigned.  May 7-24 2022 The D11 board announced three finalist followed by community interviews.  Jun 3 2022: D11 school board announced new Superintendent Gaal. The process evolved over THREE months.   Manitou:  Jan 20, 2023 Superintendent … Read more

Peter Hilts gets 11th year as Superintendent with 73% kids failing to meet Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness??

NEW SUPERINTENDENT:  The most unconscionable action taken by the board of D49 to date just occurred on Apr 20 2023.  Gross injustice has been inflicted on the children of D49. After 10 years of lackluster performance and failing academics where kids were graduating without the basic skills to achieve success in life, Peter Hilts gets … Read more

D49 Board Bullying 2022-23 Compilation Take 2
John Graham, Rick Van Wieren and Lori Thompson practice mob rule and disrespectful behavior towards fellow board members who have different viewpoints. They are abusive bullies because they are in a 3-2 majority. They violate while spewing the Cultural Compass at others.
Graham, in his role as Board president, repeatedly pressures and manipulates others while rationalizing his actions through gaslighting. Respect is earned. Graham suppresses viewpoints he disagrees with, violates Roberts Rule to silence fellow board members, and prematurely pushes for a decision. If you refuse to be submissive to his commands like his two minions, Thompson and Van Wieren, he will use his title to bully.
Ask the unhappy constituents who were betrayed in Nov 2021 when they though they voted for three true conservatives to make positive changes. Lori Thompson betrayed the people. Pray for Ivy and Jamilynn. Stay strong. Good will prevail. This is posted in the website.



Why are we featuring “Bullying and violations”?

We need to EXPOSE the TRUTH about what is going on in D49.  John Graham, Lori Thompson and Rick Van Wieren (hereafter “the trio”) have consistently voted against the conservative values of D49 district. See Board’s Vote record: The narrow vote of 3-2 to renew Peter Hilts against extensive community input in May 2022 … Read more

“D49 votes to take away constitutional rights of sitting board members” posted by Moms For Liberty “D49 votes to take away constitutional rights of sitting board members” posted by Moms For Liberty. This is an unthinkable act by three on the D49 board who ad nauseum proclaim themselves to be “Constitutional Conservative Christians” Lori Thompson, John Graham, and Rick Van Wieren votes yes to revise a policy to shut down … Read more

“D49 blindly approves all current SEL programs without researching them.” Posted by Moms For Liberty.

  “D49 blindly approves all current SEL programs without researching them.” Posted by Moms For Liberty. Thank you, Moms For Liberty, for bringing to light the attempt to shove down the throat of our children CRT-ladened programs called Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Lori Thompson, John Graham, and Rick Van Wieren must be called out, along … Read more

Immigrant student excels from Sand Creek High with prestigious scholarship

CELEBRATE!! Israel Oketunmbi, a Daniels scholar from Sand Creek High School, didn’t speak much English when he emigrated from Nigeria to the United States at the age of 7. Elementary and middle school were a struggle, he recalled, as he struggled through behavioral and academic issues without being able to properly communicate.

Video clips of D49 meetings on M4L Youtube Channel!

Find more video clips of D49 meetings for key discussions on Moms Liberty (M4L) Youtube Channel. Thank you Moms For Liberty (Darcy Shoening, Kristy Davis, Samantha Wild) for helping inform the communities on important matters in the school districts.