D49 Board Bullying 2022-23 Compilation Take 2

John Graham, Rick Van Wieren and Lori Thompson practice mob rule and disrespectful behavior towards fellow board members who have different viewpoints. They are abusive bullies because they are in a 3-2 majority. They violate while spewing the Cultural Compass at others.
Graham, in his role as Board president, repeatedly pressures and manipulates others while rationalizing his actions through gaslighting. Respect is earned. Graham suppresses viewpoints he disagrees with, violates Roberts Rule to silence fellow board members, and prematurely pushes for a decision. If you refuse to be submissive to his commands like his two minions, Thompson and Van Wieren, he will use his title to bully.
Ask the unhappy constituents who were betrayed in Nov 2021 when they though they voted for three true conservatives to make positive changes. Lori Thompson betrayed the people. Pray for Ivy and Jamilynn. Stay strong. Good will prevail. This is posted in the D49guardians.com website.