RETRIBUTION for exercising school board governance and fiduciary accountability


So it seems I have several stalkers on my FB who are monitoring my every word so they can find fault, violate my freedom of speech and make false allegations against me. Look at the orchestrated propaganda campaign (a leftist strategy) from November 10, 2022 by D49 lawyer Brad, Miller, Superintendent Peter Hilts, and board members John, Graham, Rick Van, Wieren, and Lori Thompson.

Every one of the numerous libelous allegations have proven to be false without evidence, and have ironically evolved into public embarrassment for the accusers, who then accuse me of tainting their reputation for not having skeletons in my closet… 🧐😳.

Lawyer Brad Miller and Lori Thompson in fact made a sleazy slanderous allegation which I will deal with separately: “She (Ivy) encouraged constituents not to patronize Lori’s real estate business.”  Lori’s voting record on this board is her own condemnation. No one has to say anything.

The accusers have offered no retractions and nor apologies- only more slander and libel by Mob rule.

Peter Hilts who gets paid over a quarter of a million a year to continue his ten year track record of failing academics spends his time and district resources stalking my social media accounts. Mr Hilts started referencing my Facebook profile two months after I got on the board in April 2021 when it was obvious I was not going to be a rubberstamper who followed his orders.

There is RETRIBUTION for EXERCISING GOVERNANCE AND FIDUCIARY ACCOUNTABILITY as a School Board Member. There is HELL TO BE PAID for refusing to be a kowtowing bootlicking sycophant, and for “rocking the boat.” I was warned when I first became a board member.

The cyber stalking has evolved into Mr. Hilts’ illegitimate block of my communications with district personnel…of this elected official. Mr Hilts is a district employee who works for the board.

My request to cease and desist of this and other illegitimate action behind the scenes was ignored by the abusive gestapo that has been functioning for a long time in D49 and “approved” by legal counsel Brad Miller and the “board” according to John Graham.

This decisions behind closed doors is in violation of the Sunshine law which happens frequently on this board. The conscienceless lawlessness has gone on for too long in D49 and needs to be stopped.

Peter Hilts, Brad Miller, and the trio on the board think they can impose on this elected official the same “fear of repercussions” held over he district staff for not falling in line with the gestapo.

John Graham’s ban of community attendees and refusal to retract or apologize have now brought a federal lawsuit on the district. Lawyer Brad Miller in a pubescent mindset called the federal lawsuit “made up” and a “set up.” Graham was very quick to throw the security personnel under the bus even though he ordered the security personnel to take action. The unconstitutional ban on constituents in December 2022 was CC to Peter Hilts and John Graham but the head of security had to sign the ban.

Back to stalking. I will continue to use FB and the constituents’ website ( to inform the public about education and indoctrination. I can’t keep the stalkers from stalking me in attempt to create more allegations. They’ve been digging diligently for months, but I demand that they do NOT spend the taxpayers’ dime. The school district is being charged $200+/hr for such lowlife stalking and other activities NOT approved in the lawyer contract.

Speaking of money, why do we have a shadow board?? If that is not unethical enough, the district is being charged for the shadow board’s service bt the lawyer’s hourly charge. John Graham does not run a meeting without the presence of a lawyer to guide him on what to say and to back up his oppression of speech of the political minority and violate Robert’s Rule. Each meeting costs the district $1400 – $2000 legal fees even when no legal issues are at stake on the agenda. This doesn’t include the costs leading up to and after a meeting.

Check out the district disbursement log to see where we spend our monies.

Yes, I have proof. I have no intention of making a fool of myself by making false allegations. Check out the false allegations spit out by Rick Van Wieren on November 10, 2022.  They have been threatening to file criminal and civil charges against me for months. A law enforcement friend observes, “WHERE’s the evidence???”

It is my duty to report this waste and abuse to the taxpayers who are footing these “legal” bills. Six months after the accusers made the egregious allegations, they have zero evidence of wrong doing but they keep digging and accusing. Let’s pay our teachers more from the pot of wasteful spending. What a shameful legacy.

Graham et al, in collaboration with the far left group “Neighborhood for Education,” continue to bully and harass me about resigning. You see, the big media blow up in November 2022 was supposed to embarrass me so much that I’d disappear from the face of the earth. They were not expecting to have to come up with any evidence.

“Sunshine is the best disinfectant.” There is an ironic back-story to that statement by a dishonorable accuser. The board and administration need to be held accountable for academic performance and fiduciary accountability. People need to know how the millions of tax dollars are being spent. The academic and financial outcome of the last ten years have been alarming, concerning, and troublesome.

See more on the D49 constituents’ website:  Peter Hilts has gone through Great lengths to discredit this organization of concerned constituents. Hilts went as far as posting on to discredit the taxpayers.

Check out a new website developed by another concerned D49 constituent, who remains anonymous so they don’t come after him/her as they have done with me:

D49 Blog