Constituents Email June 2023

Our next meeting is Thurs, 8 Jun 2023, at 630 P at 3850 Pony Tracks Dr
Please we need the presence of community members at the meetings.
A whole has been going on in our D49. Some not so good. Please read up on a couple of news articles.
This summer one of our crusades to get parents informed on what is going on in our schools. Marxist ideologies are creeping aggressively through every possible media, and especially into children’s regular curricula as well as costly Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs.
We are letting parents knowing our informative website: “” website as well “D49 guardians 2023” FB page.  See below.
Sadly, the district have gone on the offensive by accusing the parents and constituents of lying and presenting misinformation. They even went on to disparage D49’s own parent group and their informational cards.
D49 Guardians post video clips and factual info from latest research by nationally reputable research organizations.  Why is superintendent Peter Hilts attacking parents and parent groups?  Is he trying to hide the fact that “Trusted Materials” voted through by John Graham, Lori Thompson, and Rick Van Wieren are actually toxic ideologies?
Are they trying to hide the fact that the board gave Hilts a contract as superintendent for the 11th year after 10 years of failing academics?  Peter Hilts now makes over a quarter of a million/yr + benefits. Where else can you get such a raise and promotion after failing our kids for ten years?  Why don’t you ask the board members?  Ivy Liu continues to stay true to the constituents in the 1-4 vote.  See “” website for all the info you need.
We hope to see you Thursday at 630P.