Peter Hilts gets 11th year as Superintendent with 73% kids failing to meet Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness!!

PLEASE SHARE:  The D49 board members unceremoniously rejected qualified Superintendent candidate(s) we desperately needed for an overhaul in D49 after ten years of failing academic scores under Peter Hilts.

The board voted to hire a superintendent on Feb 11, 2023, but waited over 6 weeks to post a search for superintendents candidates, missing the peak hiring season.  The search period was reduced to an unacceptable 16 days vice the normal 4-8 weeks.  Then the board chose Peter Hilts WITHOUT community interview and input of the three finalists.  Every district has conducted community interviews of finalists in the hire of a superintendent.

The board shoved Hilts through as the sole finalist in the very late hours of a special meeting. Then they  pushed the contract through in another “Special Meeting” on May 4 2023 on another off date where public forum was not allowed.

These actions are duplicitous, unethical, and indicative of how things have operated for years with a rubber stamping board.
Do you want to stop corruption involving your tax dollars? There is corruption in D49.
**Since this article was written, we have received word from reliable sources that the district staff at various levels were informed that Peter was going to be “appointed” as superintendent well before the search ever initiated. So did we pay a search firm thousands of dollars to go through the motions just for the hell of it??  
Board Director Ivy Liu was the sole person who voted “No” to Peter Hilts.  Why? Look at TEN years of failing scores by our children- the future of this country.  Check out the link with CDE numbers and information that are being called “lies” and “misinformation” by Peter Hilts, lawyer Brad Miller, John Graham, Lori Thompson, and Rick Van Wieren.
Now look at D49’s Post-secondary and Work Force Readiness at a dismal 23%!! That is not even 1/4 of our kids!!
Parents: know what is going on with education of your kids in D49!!  Speak up!  Check out the rest of the website: