Parents don’t know harmful effects of Social Emotional Learning (SEL)!

“The community members who are concerned about harmful content in SEL are in an extreme minority.” John Graham


But El Paso County Vice-Chair, Todd Watkins, has a much different idea that is based on intelligent research.

Lawyer Brad Miller outright lied and accused Director Liu of “never, ever” presenting him with evidence of harm in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs. Abundant research were presented to the entire board and Peter Hilts by constituents and Director Liu, to the tune of 70+ emails and endless public forum speeches.

The following documentation was sent to all 2 months prior to Miller’s BIG LIE:

Second of all, did Brad spill the beans that he is and has been the shadow board in D49?

If it’s not bad enough that Hilts is NOT doing his quarter of a million/yr salaried job to vet the questionable curricula coming into the district, he and therefore the three on the board IGNORED all input and denied that the district was teaching harmful material even though millions of tax dollars have been spent over the years on Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

This is according to D49 BOE president John Graham who has mostly rubber stamped his last 8 years on the board and has not held Superintendent Peter Hilts accountable for OUR CHILDREN’s failing academic scores. He blamed his concurrent fellow board members. But since Nov 2021, with the landslide election of board members Ivy Liu and Jamilyn D’avola, Graham continues the same path of running D49 into the ground with the assistance of Rick Van Wieren and Lori Thompson, who misrepresented herself as a conservative during the campaign.  The conservative values of D49 has lost in a series of 2-3 votes by this board.

Graham, Hilts  are calling the Colorado Dept of Education (CDE) scores and rankings “misinformation.” They are in denial and disparaging our website and community group. They are so desperate they have gone on to call us liars.  Check the CDE scores for yourself:

In her conversations with well-meaning and trusting D49 parents who are too busy to really pay attention and assuming the best, Board member Ivy Liu discovered most parents do not even know what Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is, let alone the well documented harmful tenets embedded in SEL that can bring harm to the mental and socio-emotional-psychologial development of their precious children.

Parents are not aware of the daily “circle time” in the classrooms that children are engaged in. Many teachers simply follow the SEL curriculum and may not even be aware of the subtle and nuanced ways that are training our children to accept values and embrace ideologies that may not align with their family’s values and beliefs. Relative truths are being promoted to replace universal or absolute truth. Children are taught to rely on “group think” to determine their identity and value. Collectivism, the hallmark of Marxism and Communism, is slowly engrained into the children’s minds.

And we wonder why a significant percentage of our kids are acting up more than ever, exhibiting “mental issues” in the opinion of administrators, and performing poorly or failing academically. The solution being offered by the superintendent is to shove more Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into the district after ten years and millions of dollars worth of Marxist indoctrination.

It should and must be the primary responsibility of the Superintendent to protect the children by throughly vetting any curricula coming into the schools. This should include every Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula to protect our kids from the long time national trend to indoctrinate our kids.

Sadly, Peter Hilts and board members Rick Van Wieren, John Graham, and Lori Thompson along with lawyer Brad Miller are stonewalling concerned board members and constituents.  They are demanding that constituents identify the specific location of the “questionable” content in the curricula by page number.  Moving goal posts is a tactic of the left. Three members of the board cancelled board member Liu’s SEL presentation without proper board action.

**Woodland Park school district removed Social Emotional Learning (SEL) from their district without any of the devious tactics.

There are “SELECT” categories of SEL in over nine of the D49 schools that cost millions of dollars over the last ten years. “SELECT” categories programs definitively promise to push Marxist ideologies into our kids in the classroom. Our children ARE being indoctrinated.

The three on the board and Peter Hilts are excusing their lack of discernment by claiming “we don’t hear from parents.” Board members Ivy Liu along with the D49 Guardians continue to present current reputable research  to no avail.  Liu’s persistent attempt to educate the public about the harm of SEL through Facebook has been met with vicious attacks and accusations of “criminal and civil” activities. She is accused of promoting lies and misinformation.

Parents need to demand why they were not notified of the brainwashing attempts of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs on their children.  The district is requiring parents to Opt-OUT!!  How do parents opt out when they don’t even know when something bad is IN?!!

This is a review of one of the programs in several D49 schools called Second Step:

For a complete list of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in D49 and the declaration of CRT tenets copied and pasted from the respective websites of each Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program: