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Bullying and Violations

RETRIBUTION for EXERCISING GOVERNANCE AND FIDUCIARY ACCOUNTABILITY as a School Board Member. So it seems I have several stalkers on "The community members who are concerned about harmful content in SEL are in an extreme minority." Lawyer Brad Miller
Compare the four recent superintendent searches right here in El Paso County D11:  March 2 2022: Superintendent Michael Thomas resigned. 
NEW SUPERINTENDENT:  The most unconscionable action taken by the board of D49 to date just occurred on Apr 20 2023. John Graham, Rick Van Wieren and Lori Thompson exhibit mob rule and grossly disrespectful behavior towards fellow board members
We need to EXPOSE the TRUTH about what is going on in D49.  John Graham, Lori Thompson and Rick Van



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 D49 Guardians Newsletter - January 2023                            
D49 Guardians Newsletter - December 2022 Some administrators and teachers are realizing we have deep issues. But few have the

Constituents’ Emails

Some brave constituents are exposing the darkness and manipulations in D49. Other are working on informing the community.  Taxpayers deserve
Knowing that this district is still faced with the decision of a permanent Superintendent, I thought I’d share my perspective.
12/15/2022 Ann Easton - Former Special Ed teacher. Why were you elected? Why did the people of District 49 vote
13 March 2023 by Deb Schmidt Why are our kids anxious and acting out? Why are they depressed and think