D49 is in CRISIS. D49 has been betrayed by three self-proclaimed “Christian Constitutional Conservatives.” John Graham and Rick Van Wieren are timed out. But Lori Thompson remains on the board to comprise a compromised 3-2 majority that votes against the values of the D49 community.

It is imperative that we prevent evil from prospering for another two years until the next election. Woke and anti-American ideologies are being pushed at an alarming rate.

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CRT, transformed to another “identity” yet again, just crept back into D49!! Being the first district in the nation to ban CRT in Aug 2021, this victory was celebrated by the community regardless of political affiliation. But we have been duped again by a compromised board. So, we have no choice but to recall the board, starting with Lori Thompson.

BUT there is a whole more to this D49 story. You have to understand the level of corruption if we are to rescue D49.

D49 is about abuse of power and taxpayers’ money that has been going on for over 10 years. It is a gestapo, or mafia, operating right in front of our eyes.

Superintendent Peter Hilts and lawyer Brad Miller has been in D49 together for 11 years now.  Miller is the shadow board, or more accurately, consigliere in the opinion of many who have attended meetings.  Together, Hilts and Miller run the district and the Board has always been just a side show.

Peter Hilts was brought into D49 by Brad Miller as a high school principal of about 500. He was not qualified for the job even according to compliant board members at the time. Hilts recently declared our National Motto “outdated” and “divisive.” See [9] below.

Together they’ve hand-picked board members who are complicit or compliant so they have operated for years with ZERO oversight, governance, or checks and balances.

If you look at the district’s disbursement logs, there are a lot of unanswered questions, and the administration refuse to be more transparent. When one CORAs documents, they charge a high price tag to provide what should be public documents.

The board members that don’t go along are intimidated, threatened, embarrassed into quitting, as they did during the entire time I was on the board, culminating in that public media blitz about a Hitler Facebook post on November 10, 2022.

In November 2021, Lori Thompson joined J. D’avola and myself to run for the board to attempt to gain control of D49 and improve the abysmal academic scores. Lori Thompson misrepresented who she was.[2]

In a colossal act of betrayal, supported by a county commissioner, Lori Thompson turn-coated and flipped the board to a 2-3 minority, resulting in the renewal of Peter Hilts for his 10th year, despite 71% and 52% of our children performing below proficiency in math and language arts, and everything anti-conservative since. See [3] below.

Over the next two years, Lori Thompson, John Graham, and Rick Van Wieren renewed Peter Hilts twice despite declining academic scores, approved vaccine vans on school grounds against wishes of the community, unconstitutionally banned community members, and ushered in Social Emotional Learning that promises to promote Marxist ideologies by “combating racism and promoting social justice.” See [4] for the Board’s vote record, and [5] for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula details.

The gaslighting that occurred to cover up the truth by the administration, lawyer, and trio on the board was blinding and deafening to anyone who dared to seek or speak the truth. Graham led the bullying, belittling, oppressing, insulting, and lying to the public. [5]

I honestly don’t care if a board member promotes a business. After all, they don’t get paid on the board and have to make a living. BUT what could possibly be the reason behind three real estate agents blatantly voting to betray the community’s values, and harm the very school district they can benefit from financially?

Located in the most robust area of real estate growth, D49 academic performance and enrollment are faltering. Are the upstanding, industrious real estate agents in this community outraged by this travesty created by these three board members?

Supported by a County Commissioner, the three board members Thompson, Graham, and Van Wieren had the green light to forcefully cancel opposing viewpoints and misrepresent the academic performance status to the community while attacking any truth-seekers. Numerous constituents refuse to attend board meetins due to the bullying, oppression of free speech and violation of Roberts Rule [6].

Attacks on opposing viewpoints geared up egregiously with the assistance of Board lawyer Brad Miller and Superintendent Peter Hilts. Meanwhile, numerous parents lament on Facebook about kids struggling academically in D49. Sadly, many parents quietly enrolled their kids elsewhere.

A lawsuit is now in place against the “mob” who made false allegations and committed egregious defamation. John Graham has a federal lawsuit against him for violation of free speech that is costing the district a lot of legal expenses as he continues to disown responsibility. Why is the district paying legal fees for obnoxious and unconscionable actions of board members that has nothing to do with board governance [7]?

Hopefully justice will prevail over the unprecedented gestapo practices that do not exist even in the worst of boards elsewhere. Aggressive emails by John Graham and now Mike Heil along with mis-use of district resources by Superintendent Peter Hilts against opposing viewpoints need to be exposed, and taken to the justice system.

To see all that is going on in D49 that is hidden from the public: see articles posted on the website,

While Hilts has the nerve to publicly admonish the conservative board members for suggesting moving monies around to pay teachers more, he was awarded a new salary of $257K. What does Peter have left in his work day to think about the children and academics when he spends so much time attacking opposing viewpoints and defending the harsh truths about our children. The last time the board meeting agenda included academics (math only) was six months ago. You can hardly tell D49 is an EDUCATION entity.

Did you know that lawyer Brad Miller has an open tab to charge the district for numerous activities outside of his contract, without board approval? Did you know he charged the district endless hours to have closed door meetings with certain board members, and to stalk and cancel opponents at $200-$250/hr? His invoices are not accessible through the CORA process. Why?

Did you know the board just voted to raise lawyer Brad Miller’s monthly stipend from $9500 to $12000 plus whatever extra he decides to charge the district with an open tab that requires no board approval? Why are we giving him a raise when under his legal counsel, D49 has violated statutes and lost literally millions in lawsuits, including a 2.5 million judgement for a racial discrimination case [7]?

The district’s insurance rates have tripled since 2017-18 to a 2.1 million annual premium, all at the expense of taxpayer dollars.

Between May 2022 and June 2023, D49 lost 8 principals, 7 assistant principals, 4 central office administrators, and turned over all four zone assistant superintendents. Every staff member is afraid to speak up in fear of losing their jobs or other repercussions.

The new board from Nov 2023 election is already taking D49 down a destructive path. A new leadership program designed to train social justice advocates, with progressive content cleverly hidden, was approved by a 3-2 vote by Marie Lavere-Wright, Mike Heil and Lori Thompson who adamantly opposed CRT…in her campaign [1].

CRT is back in the district, exactly as intended by Hilts, et al, since the passing of the CRT ban 2.5 years ago against which Hilts fought fiercely.

The D49 scores have seen a 20-25% plunge from 12 years ago. Marie Lavere-Wright served as a board member for 8 of the past 12 years. Why was she handpicked to return to the board?

Heil supports the Teachers Union and is a member of leftist neighborhood groups. Miller, et al made sure I could not be on the ballot to run against him so Heil ran unopposed. Now he sits on the board spewing untruths about the history of our founding fathers and country. “Christian Conservative’ lawyer made this possible.

Heil and Lavere-Wright voted AGAINST the display of our national motto in our schools. Thompson voted for it only after it was changed to “optional.” Deb Schmidt & J. D’avola do not stand a chance of winning for the community’s values.

Peter Hilts called our National Motto “outdated” and “divisive.” Hilts has revealed his true colors, aligning with his previous Facebook statement in May 2020 about the systemic racism in this country and his support for the BLM movement [8]. But no, Peter often said offendedly, “We are not teaching CRT.”

D49 is in profound distress.

In order to keep Hilts employed and continue the indoctrination of our children, the Board had to be meticulously chosen. My opposing viewpoints were eradicated through two censures, a media blitz, gerrymandering, and election interference.

The current Board with a 3-2 majority continues its path of outright disdain against the children and the values of D49, while parading egregiously false narratives and total disregard for the Superintendent’s lack of competence.

This community CANNOT afford to stand by to watch D49 crash and burn. We are currently 3rd from the bottom in the Pikes Peak region, beating only 2 tiny school districts with less than 300 kids. This is a horrific injustice to our children and the teachers who are fighting so hard to educate our kids. This is a CALL 4 ACTION.

The well-being of D49’s 25000 kids are at stake. RECALL is the ONLY OPTION, and is being planned for Lori Thompson immediately, and after the required five month wait, Lavere-Wright and Heil.

Lori Thompson self-righteously once proclaimed, “Sunlight disinfects.” What the sunlight is revealing is criminal against our children, Ms Thompson, and you are a part of the slime. We are disinfecting. RESIGN now or we will RECALL.


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To see all that is going on in D49 that is not transparent to the public: